Services at Prospect Hall

After several months of lockdown, we are pleased to say that we will be opening the hall for our church services from the 26th July at 10:30am. It will be a great joy to meet with those of you who are able to join us. We will continue to host the service on Zoom so that everyone else can also participate.

The full risk assessment can be read here.

There are a number of things we need to explain regarding the process, so please watch the following video or read the information below.

We are planning to follow all of the government guidelines that have been set out at present as we believe this is the best way to keep us safe as a church family, and because it will be a good witness to the local community.

If you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19:

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • Loss of smell or taste

Then please do not attend the services and follow the government guidance on self-isolation. This also applies if you are contacted by Track & Trace or if you are returning from foreign travel and need to isolate for 14 days.

We recognise that certain groups of people may be at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19, including people who are aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions), certain black, Asian & minority ethnic groups, and those who have been asked to shield. We recommend you follow the government guidance, which may mean staying at home for the moment.

We are working hard to ensure that the hall is cleaned and well ventilated for our services.

Before you come to church

  • Please bring your Bible and a bottle of water.
  • Please use the toilet at home so that we can minimise the use at the hall.
  • Please bring a mask to wear during the service.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided but you may wish to bring your own supply.

Arriving at church

  • Please do not arrive late to the service as it will take time to seat people with social distancing measures in place.
  • Please expect a short queue at the door as we welcome people – much like the supermarket.
  • The welcome team will ask you to confirm that you & your family have no virus symptoms.
  • The welcome team will have a register to keep track of who is attending. This will only be used for track & trace purposes if needed and will be destroyed after 21 days.
  • They will then lead you to your seats. Please do not leave your seat except for a trip to the toilet. The Gents toilet will not be open until the service has started to prevent any issues with social distancing.
  • Please do not shout/project your voice across the room at other people.
  • We recommend you wear a mask at all times inside the building.
  • The building has a limited capacity which means we may fill up on a Sunday morning. You may need to watch from home if the building is full.

During the service

  • We are not allowed to sing at present. You may wish to hum along to the tunes as a way of expressing our worship to God together.
  • At present we are not planning to open a creche or hold Sunday groups for children. Children must remain with their families at all times. If your children are too young to be able to follow the social distancing guidelines, we ask that you stay at home for now and join via Zoom.
  • We hope to share communion together – we’ll explain how we do this safely during the service.

After the service

  • Please follow the stewards prompting to exit the building using the one-way system – this will be done via the front fire escape, row by row.
  • If you can take any rubbish with you to dispose of at home then that would be ideal, otherwise a bin is provided near the exit.
  • Please vacate the church premises promptly after the service (this includes the car park). If you need to talk to others, please follow social distancing guidelines and remember that we wish to remain a good witness to our local neighbours.
    • This also frees the building up for the cleaning team to set down the church.
  • At this time the guidelines do not recommend our usual times of fellowship to minimise the spread of the virus. Instead could you possibly invite someone over for a cup of tea or even for lunch? This would be a great way to love each other well.